How To Open A Ninja Blender Lid (Even If It’s Stuck)

how to open a ninja blender lid

Ninja blenders come with a sturdy pitcher and lid, which is great at preventing your food from flying out at the wrong moment. But it can sometimes be difficult to open, especially if it’s the first time you’ve used it.

And it’s important to open the pitcher lid the right way to avoid damaging the pitcher.

To open the Ninja blender lid, you should always press the release button first until the handle pops up slightly. Then, pull the handle up the rest of the way and firmly but gently pull it off at a slight angle. If it seems stuck, try opening the spout first to release any air pressure that’s built up while blending.

In this article, I’ll cover the steps to removing the blender lid and go over what you should do if your lid appears to be stuck.

Let’s get right to it!

How To Open A Ninja Blender Lid

The Ninja pitcher is designed with a few different features that help to keep the lid securely attached while the blender is operating.

The most important of these are the grooves on either side of the handle. When the handle is pushed down, it slides into these grooves and gets locked into place.

Step 1: Press the release button

Firmly press down on the Release button until the handle pops up slightly. Then pull the handle all the way up.

Step 2: Lift the lid at an angle

In my experience, it’s usually best to try pulling the lid up at a slight angle. If you pull straight up, it may create a vacuum-like effect that will make it more difficult to remove.

Pull the lid up with one hand on the handle and the other on the pitcher. If needed, you can use your fingers to push up one corner of the lid while pulling with the handle.

Step 3: Immediately rinse the lid off

Your blender lid can become stuck if the rubber gasket has any build up of liquid or food particles. To avoid this, it’s best to immediately rinse it off before any debris has time to set on the lid.

Once you’ve rinsed the lid off, set it aside and allow it to air dry thoroughly. This will make it easier to remove in the future.

Ninja Blender Lid Stuck

Unfortunately, there may be times when the blender lid gets stuck. There are two reasons that your lid may not be opening correctly.

The Handle Is Stuck

If the handle is stuck down, no amount of force will be able to pull the lid up. That’s because the handle is locked into small grooves on either side of the pitcher.

To release the lid, you need to move the handle up.

Apply firm downward pressure on the handle with one hand and then press the Release button with the other. Then, slowly pull the handle upwards.

This takes the pressure off the locking mechanism, allowing to to release and the handle to move freely.

The Lid Is Stuck

If you managed to get the handle open but the lid still won’t come free, it may be due to pressure created within the pitcher while it was blending.

Try opening up the spout first, then firmly pull the lid up as I described before, with one hand on the handle and another pushing up from a corner.

If the lid is really stuck, you can also use a flat head screwdriver to wedge in between the lid and the pitcher. Press down on the screwdriver while pulling up on the handle.

What You Need To Know

Opening a Ninja blender isn’t too difficult once you know how it works. The key is to make sure that the handle is in the fully upright position before trying to pull the lid off, since the handle locks the lid into place during blending.

If the lid appears to be stuck, you have a couple of options:

  • If the handle won’t open, press it down firm (towards the base of the blender) and then press the release button.
  • If the handle is open but the lid still won’t come free, open the pour spout and push up from one corner while pulling up from the handle.

If your lid is consistently getting stuck, you may be overfilling the pitcher and causing liquid to get into the rubber seal. Try adding fewer ingredients next time and see if it helps to improve the situation.

If you still are having problems and purchased the blender in the past year, you can reach out to the Ninja customer support team to see if they will replace it under the warranty terms.

Ninja also sells replacement pitchers with matching lids that should solve the problem if you are outside of the warranty period.

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