How To Reset Hathaspace Air Purifier (Try This First)

How To Reset Hathaspace Air Purifier

Hathaspace is known for making powerful and quiet air purifiers that are generally very reliable. That doesn’t mean that they are without issues, though, and when you run into one you may be wondering how to reset a Hathaspace air purifier.

We’ll cover everything you need to know in order to quickly and safely reset your Hathaspace, no matter what model you have or how long you’ve owned it.

Let’s get to it!

How to Rest Hathaspace Air Purifier

To reset the red air filter indicator on your Hathaspace, first turn the device on. Press and hold the AUTO and TIMER buttons at the same time. Hold both buttons down for 5 seconds or until the filter light stops blinking.

How To Reset Hathaspace HSP001

In rare occasions, the air quality indicator may stay red even though the air itself is clean.

This typically happens when there is a power surge or the power goes out unexpectedly, such as in a storm.

To reset the memory on your HSP001 air purifier, follow these steps:

  1. Run the air purifier on medium-to-high for about 10 minutes.
  2. Turn the device off and unplug it from the outlet.
  3. Wait 30 seconds, then plug the device back into the outlet.
  4. Turn the device on and let it run for a couple of minutes.

That’s all it takes! Your device may still show a red light after you turn it back on until it has run for a minute or two.

Running the air purifier on high for a few minutes helps to ensure that the air quality is good when you perform the reset. Otherwise, it may continue to show a red light.

If you need to replace your air filter, you can follow the steps outlined in the video below.

How To Reset Hathaspace HSP002

If the filter change light is on and you’ve already replaced the filter, it’s easy to reset the light.

Just follow these steps:

  1. Press the AUTO and TIMER buttons at the same time.
  2. Hold them down for three seconds.
  3. Release them.

Your air filter change indicator should disappear, confirming that you’ve reset it successfully.

If you still need to change the filter, you can see a demonstration of the steps in the video below.

How To Reset Hathaspace HSP003

There are a few different reasons that you might need to reset your HSP003 air purifier. Luckily, we’ve covered them all below.

If the buttons on your Hathaspace won’t respond:

  1. Locate the control panel on the top of the air purifier.
  2. Press the Sleep (moon icon) and Light (lightbulb icon) keys at the same time.
  3. Hold them down for 3 seconds to reset the childlock.

If your buttons are working but the power button is blinking white, this means that it’s time to change the filter. In general, it’s best to change your filter about every 6 months.

To reset the filter indicator:

  1. Locate the control panel on the top o fthe air purifier.
  2. Press the Sleep (moon icon) and Timer (clock icon) buttons at the same time.
  3. Hold them down for 3 seconds or until the blinking light disappears.

How To Reset Hathaspace HSE1500

You may have experienced an issue where you replace the filter in your Hathaspace HSE1500 but the red light keeps blinking. You will need to reset this indicator manually each time you replace the filter.

To reset the filter indicator on the HSE1500, follow these steps:

  1. Turn the device on.
  2. Find the filter reset button (round icon with several lines through it).
  3. Press the filter reset button and hold it down for 5 seconds or until the red light stops flashing.

That’s it! Your filter indicator has been reset and you’re ready to enjoy clean air again.

Hathaspace Air Purifier Beeping

You may hear a regular beeping noise coming from your Hathaspace air purifier when it’s time to replace the filter. After you’ve inserted a new filter into the unit, hold down the AUTO + Timer button for 3 seconds or until you hear a short beep.

What is Hathaspace’s warranty?

Hathaspace offers a 2-year warranty for its HSP001 model and a 5-year warranty for all other models. It covers any defects in materials or workmanship.

However, there are three important exceptions:

  1. The warranty is non-transferable, so you will need to prove you’re the original owner in order for your unit to be covered.
  2. The warranty will only be honored if you purchased your unit directly from Hathaspace.
  3. If Hathaspace decides you need to mail your air purifier in for repairs, you are responsible for the shipping costs.

These exceptions can be inconvenient, but the 5-year protection is significantly better than most competitors. In addition, Hathaspace air purifiers are less prone to malfunctions and issues thanks to their simple and straightforward design.

If you these steps don’t help resolve your issues, you may need to reach out to Hathaspace customer support. You can submit a request through their website here.


It can be annoying when you change the filter in your air purifier only to have the red light continue to blink at you. Thankfully, it’s an easy fix.

We covered four options for resetting your Hathaspace:

  • Reset the air quality indicator on the HSP001
  • Reset the filter change light on the HSP002
  • Unlock the buttons on your HSP003
  • Reset the filter change indicator on the HSP003
  • How to make use of the generous warranty
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