How to Reset TCL Roku TV (Quickly and SAFELY)

How to Reset TCL Roku TV (Quickly and SAFELY)

There’s nothing more frustrating than your TCL Roku TV apps constantly crashing. You can’t put your finger on where the issue is coming from, and you don’t get to watch TV.

Now, you can spend hours trying to track down the cause of the problem or go for an easy solution.

This involves restoring the TV to its factory settings. So, if you’re wondering how to reset TCL Roku TVs, you’ve come to the right place.

Let’s take a look at some of the common issues with the device and what you can do about them.

How to Reset TCL Roku TV

To reset your TCL Roku TV, first press the home button on your remote control. Navigate to the Settings tab and locate the System menu. Select the Power option and then go to the “System Restart” menu. Click on the Restart option to begin a soft reset of your TV.

Common Issues

Over the years, Roku TVs have become incredibly advanced with more features. Most people think that newer devices are less likely to fail, but that’s not the case.

Unfortunately, as you add more features, there’s a higher chance of something going wrong.

The TCL Roku TV line is amazing but has its fair share of common issues. This includes:

  • Unstable internet connection
  • Error codes 012 and 013
  • Apps constantly crash
  • Audio or picture signal disconnect
  • Audio and video are not in sync
  • Unresponsive to remote control

Most of these issues have a long solution process. To start off, you need to be able to identify the problem.

That may mean spending time trying to troubleshoot and follow menus. And then you will still need to figure out a way around the issue.

While this method is effective, it can be time-consuming. So, instead of worrying about the cause of the problem, you can simply reset your device.

This should return the TV to its default factory settings, which can solve many issues.

How Long Will the Reset Take?

On average, the process of resetting a TCL Roku TV can take up to 30 minutes. The exact duration will depend on a few factors:

  • Changes to the default settings
  • Whether you have a working remote or not
  • Internet Connection

Resetting will revert any customized setting to its original form. So, depending on how many changes you made, this can take anywhere from two to five minutes.

Other than that, how well you know your TV settings will affect the duration. You’ll need to navigate different menus and select new options. Usually, this part shouldn’t take more than a minute or two.

Finally, your internet connection will also come into play. After your TV starts up again, it’ll need to recalibrate.

To do that, you will need to connect your TV to your WiFi network and download updates. That’s the most time-consuming part of the process and can take up to 25 minutes.

How To Reset TCL Roku TV

Fortunately, the process of resetting your TCL TV is quite simple and we’ll walk you through every step.

There are three main ways to reset TCL Roku TVs.

Reset Using The Restart Menu

Most of the time, when there’s a problem with a TV, it’s due to faulty start-up settings. While the device was starting up, something went wrong with the system.

In situations like this, you’ll want to start off with a soft reset or restart. This won’t affect your settings but may still resolve the issue that you’re running into.

To do that, you can follow these steps:

  1. Press the home button on your remote control (house icon on the top right).
  2. Navigate to the Settings tab.
  3. Locate the System menu.
  4. Select the Power option.
  5. Go to the System Restart menu.
  6. Click on the Restart option.

After that, it’s a matter of waiting for your TV to boot up. This process shouldn’t take more than a few minutes.

It may also solve many of the common issues facing your TV. Still, if restarting doesn’t work, you can move on to the next method.

Factory Reset Using The Remote

Once you’ve concluded that a hard reset is the only way to move forward, it’s time to grab your remote.

A hard reset means that you’ll wipe any personal data (like accounts or picture settings) off the device.

For this reason, it’s crucial you back up all that information. Take note of what apps you have installed, your login information, and any adjustments you’ve made to the settings.

For this last part, you can pull up the settings menu and simply take a picture of it with your phone. You can even take a picture of the apps you have installed on your TV, too.

That way once you’re done resetting your TV, you can simply pull up the picture you took of the settings and make sure everything is set up properly.

Trust us, you’ll be glad you took these steps later on.

It can also be helpful to move your WiFi router closer to the TV. This step isn’t necessary, but it’ll ensure a stable connection to make the process go faster.

To reset your TCL TV, follow these instructions:

  1. Click on the home button on your remote control.
  2. Find the Settings tab.
  3. Navigate to the System menu.
  4. Go to the Advanced System settings.
  5. Locate the Factory Reset menu.
  6. Select the “Factory Reset Everything” option.
  7. Wait for a one-time code to generate.
  8. Enter the code in the designated spot.
  9. Hit enter to begin resetting.

Once you’re done with these steps, you can leave the TV and go about your normal day.

After these steps, the TV will start the automatic reset process. All you have to do now is supply it with the Wi-Fi password and wait.

It’s perfectly normal for the device to turn on and off again multiple times. So, make sure to keep the TV plugged in until it tells you the process is complete.

By the end of the process, you might even notice that the remote is communicating with the TV again. Try pressing the arrow buttons to test to see if the reset is working.

Reset TCL TV Without Remote

Sometimes a glitch in the TV’s software can stop it from being able to communicate with the remote. 

If your remote isn’t working properly, the reset will be a little different and you’re going to have to begin the process manually.

yTo do that, you can follow these steps:

  1. First, find a thin object with a blunt tip, like a paper clip or small screwdriver.
  2. Locate the RESET button on the back of your TV in the connector panel.
  3. Press the object into the button and hold for about 12 seconds.
  4. Release the button when the TV shuts off.
  5. Turn the TV back on by pressing the power button on the TV itself.
  6. Follow the guide on the TV to complete the process.

This process should take about the same time as the automatic reset. However, you may need to be in front of the screen for a while longer with the manual version.

Still, if a reset doesn’t solve the problem, the issue might be with the remote itself. So try replacing the batteries or ordering a replacement remote before calling TCL for repairs.

You can pick up a replacement remote for about $7 on Amazon.

If Resetting Doesn’t Work…

While resetting can fix many problems, there are a few issues it can’t resolve. In that case, you’ll need to talk to a professional maintenance specialist. Start by contacting TCL customer support and asking them for advice. They can help you find out what’s wrong with the TV and the best course of action to fix it.


Resetting your TCL television is a fairly straightforward process that can solve a number of issues you’re likely to encounter with this TV. The steps are:

  • Reset using the remote and restart menu on the TV
  • Factory reset using the remote
  • Reset the TV without a remote
  • Replace the batteries in your remote or the remote itself
  • Contact TCL support if your issues persist
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