How To Download Any ProForm Treadmill Manual (With Links)

proform treadmill manual

As a ProForm treadmill owner, you understand the importance of having the right guide to keep your equipment in the best possible condition. And that guide, of course, is your treadmill’s manual. 

But what if you’ve misplaced it or simply never had one? Don’t worry—I’m here to help. In this article, I’ll guide you through how to find and download the correct manual for your ProForm treadmill model. 

Locating Your Treadmill Model Number

The first step in getting the correct manual is knowing your treadmill’s model number. This number is usually found on a small sticker placed somewhere on your machine. Here’s how you can locate it: 

  1. Check the front or the back of your treadmill. The sticker is often placed there.
  2. If it’s not there, try looking on the sides or underneath the machine.
  3. Still can’t find it? Check the user manual—if you have it. It should list your model number.

I have also included photos of each treadmill in the list below to help you quickly find your correct model.

ProForm Treadmill Manual by Model

I’ve done the research and found the Owner’s Manuals for each of ProForm’s treadmills below. To download a PDF copy of the manual, just click on the button and then click on “Owner’s Manual” on the iFit website:

This ensures that you always download the latest, most secure version of the owner’s manual.

ProForm Pro 9000 Manual

Model no. PFTL15820.0

ProForm Pro 2000 Manual

Model no. PFTL13116.0

ProForm Carbon T7 Manual

Model no. PFTL87720.1

ProForm Carbon T10 Manual

Model no. PFTL99920.1

ProForm City L6 Manual

Model no. PFTL28820.0


In conclusion, finding and downloading the correct manual for your ProForm treadmill can be a simple and hassle-free process. The key lies in accurately identifying your treadmill’s model number, which provides a unique identifier that matches your machine to its specific user guide. 

From the ProForm Pro 9000 to the City L6, each treadmill comes with a manual designed to help you get the best out of your fitness equipment. These manuals are packed with important information on assembly, usage, and maintenance, ensuring you can use your ProForm treadmill safely and effectively for years to come. 

Remember, reading and understanding your treadmill’s manual is not just about troubleshooting or assembly. It’s also about unlocking its full potential and helping you take your fitness journey to new heights.

So, take a moment, find your model number, download your manual, and get moving towards your fitness goals with ProForm.

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