LG Craft Ice Maker Not Working: How To Fix (With Photos)

lg craft ice maker not working

There are two main problems that you may run into if you have an LG refrigerator with a craft ice maker. First, it may overfill and leak water into the bucket. Second, it may get stuck in the down position.

Either way, you’re left with an ice maker that isn’t working the way it should be.

This is the exact situation I found myself in the other day, when I noticed that the craft ice maker in the bottom drawer had simply stopped making ice.

And while the official troubleshooting instructions from LG are good, in my opinion they miss a few key details. So I rolled up my sleeves and created the ultimate guide to fixing your craft ice maker in 3 minutes or less.

These simple steps should work in most cases where your craft ice maker isn’t working as long as there’s nothing catastrophically wrong with it that will require servicing.

Here’s a quick overview of the process and then the exact steps to follow to reset and fix your craft ice maker.

LG Craft Ice Maker Not Working

To fix an LG craft ice maker that has stopped producing ice, first turn the power to the ice maker off and then back on. Next, press the Reset/Test button underneath the ice maker for 3 seconds. Finally, switch the ice mode from 3 balls to 6, or from 6 balls to 3.

Step 1: Turn Off The Ice Maker

Use the power switch on the front of the craft ice maker to turn it off. Leave it off for about 5 seconds, and then turn it back on.

Step 2: Press The Reset/Test Button For 3 Seconds

Locate and press the Reset and Test button (the same button will test your ice maker and reset it). You will want to hold it down for 3 seconds, during which time the craft ice maker might move.

Keep in mind that LG says some water may be dispensed as part of this step and that you should have a bowl ready to catch any liquid. In my experience, this didn’t happen, but it’s probably a good idea to be ready in case it does.

LG Craft Ice Maker Reset Button

The reset button is located underneath the ice maker and is set back about an inch from the front of the unit. If you’re having trouble finding it, feel for a U-shaped piece in the front of the ice maker and then press the button inside of it.

Step 3: Switch Ice Mode

LG’s craft ice maker has two built-in settings: one that will produce 3 ice balls in 24 hours and one that will produce 6 ice balls in 24 hours.

Whichever one your refrigerator is currently set to, you will want to switch it. So if your ice maker is set to make 3 ice balls, change it to 6. If it’s set to make 6, change it to 3.

This process helps to start a new ice making cycle. You can change the quantity using the panel on the fridge or with LG’s ThinQ app.

Change Craft Ice Mode From Refrigerator

The quickest way to change your craft ice mode is using the panel on the refrigerator. Depending on your model, the panel may be located on the ice dispenser in the front or on the right side after you open the refrigerator door.

  1. Press and hold the Freezer button for 3 seconds to enter Craft Ice mode. It should display either “3ICE” or “6ICE” depending on your current setting.
  2. Press the Freezer button once to toggle to a different mode.
  3. Once you’ve changed your craft ice mode, wait 5 seconds for the setting to get saved. The screen will return to normal.

Change Craft Ice Mode From The LG ThinQ App

If you have the LG ThinQ app set up and paired with your refrigerator, you can also complete this step using just the app.

  1. Open the LG ThinQ app.
  2. Once you’ve paired it with your refrigerator, tap on the refrigerator and scroll down.
  3. Tap on Craft Ice and change it from 3 ICE mode to 6 ICE mode or vice versa.
  4. Exit the ThinQ app.

Step 4: Wait 24 Hours

The final step is the hardest because you will have to wait a full day to tell if the ice maker is working again. However, there are two things you can check to give you a good indication.

Within 2-3 hours of resetting your ice maker, open the freezer section and check the tray position. If the reset worked and the freezer is working on your next batch of craft ice, it should be in a closed position like in the image below.

After you’ve let the ice maker run for 24 hours and confirmed that it is making ice again, you can feel free to change it back to your preferred ice mode (3 or 6 craft ice balls).

How to Reset Craft Ice Maker

You can reset the Craft ice maker on an LG refrigerator by pressing the Reset button down for 3 seconds. You can find the button under the ice maker. It’s a good idea to have a bowl at the ready in case any water is dispensed during the reset process.

Common Issues and Questions

LG Craft Ice Maker Knocking Noise

It’s normal to hear the occasional knocking or jostling noise coming from your craft ice maker. Because the ice balls are so large and heavy, they can make a lot of noise when they get released and drop into the bin.

If the noise is especially bothersome, you can try adding a fridge liner to the ice bin to help reduce the noise of the ice balls moving around.

LG Craft Ice Maker Leaking Water Into Bin

If your craft ice maker is leaking water or you notice a lot of small ice crystals in the bin, the problem may be in the ice tray. Press and hold the Test/Reset button down for 3 seconds and look to see if there is any ice stuck inside the tray.

You may be able to free any stuck ice from the tray during the reset cycle. I also recommend switching ice modes for at least 24 hours to see if that helps.

LG Craft Ice 3 vs 6

The LG craft ice maker has two modes:

  • 3ICE means that the ice maker will produce 3 ice balls that are up to 90% clear every 24 hours. If you want clearer ice balls, this is the best setting to use.
  • 6ICE means that the ice maker will produce 6 ice balls that are around 50% clear every 24 hours. If you want ice produced more frequently, this is the best setting.

There is no difference in the size of the ice balls with either mode and it’s easy to switch between them depending on your preferences. In my experience, the only benefit to the 3ICE mode is that the ice is clearer and looks a little nicer.

The ice bin can hold up to 25 ice balls.

LG Craft Ice Is Not Round

If your craft ice is coming out too small or is irregular in shape, check to make sure that the rubber ice molds aren’t damaged or dented anywhere. Changing the ice mode to 3ICE may also help as the ice balls will tend to be more spherical in shape.

How To Reset LG Craft Ice Maker

To reset the craft ice maker on an LG refrigerator, first turn the power switch off and then back on. Next, locate the reset button underneath the ice maker and press it down for three seconds. The ice tray might move and a small amount of water may be dispensed, so it’s a good idea to have a bowl nearby.

What To Do If You’re Still Having Trouble

These troubleshooting steps should help in most cases to reset and fix your craft ice maker. However, if you’ve tried resetting the ice maker and it still isn’t working properly after 24-48 hours, you may need to get it serviced.

You can check the warranty details of your specific refrigerator on LG’s website, as well as begin the warranty claim process. While the standard warranty for most LG refrigerators is 1 year, the craft ice maker has an extended warranty of 3 years.

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