Why Isn’t My LG Craft Ice Maker Working?

lg craft ice maker not working

To fix an LG craft ice maker that has stopped producing ice, first turn the power to the ice maker off and then back on. Then, press and hold the Reset button underneath the ice maker for 3 seconds. Finally, switch the craft ice mode so that it produces a different amount of ice balls.

Step 1: Turn Off The Ice Maker

Use the power switch on the front of the craft ice maker to turn it off. Leave it off for about 5 seconds, and then turn it back on.

Step 2: Press The Reset/Test Button For 3 Seconds

Press the Reset button located under the ice maker and hold it down for 3 seconds, during which time the craft ice maker might move.

Step 3: Switch Ice Mode

Finally, tap and hold the Freezer button on the refrigerator’s panel for three seconds to enter Craft Ice mode. Press the Freezer button one more time to switch the quantity of ice balls made every 24 hours, which will force the refrigerator to begin a new ice making cycle.

To confirm the change, simply leave the panel alone for 5 seconds or until the screen returns to normal. This indicates that the new ice settings have been saved.

Step 4: Wait 24 Hours

The Craft Ice maker is much slower than the ordinary ice maker, so you will have to wait a full day to tell if the ice maker is working again. However, there are two things you can check to give you a good indication.

Within 2-3 hours of resetting your ice maker, open the freezer section and check the tray position. If the reset worked and the freezer is working on your next batch of craft ice, it should be in a closed position like in the image below.

After you’ve let the ice maker run for 24 hours and confirmed that it is making ice again, you can feel free to change it back to your preferred ice mode (3 or 6 craft ice balls).

What To Do If You’re Still Having Trouble

These troubleshooting steps have always served me well, so hopefully they work for you too. However, if you’ve tried following these steps and the Craft Ice maker still isn’t working properly after 24-48 hours, you may need to get it serviced.

You can check the warranty details of your specific refrigerator on LG’s website, as well as begin the warranty claim process. While the standard warranty for most LG refrigerators is just 1 year, the craft ice maker comes with an extended warranty of 3 years.

Your craft ice maker should be under warranty as long as you purchased it on or after: Loading…

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