LG Ice Plus: Everything You Need To Know

lg ice plus

Whether you own an LG refrigerator and are curious about the Ice Plus button, or you’re considering buying a refrigerator with this feature, you may be wondering what it means and how it works.

Ice Plus mode is a newer feature offered on some LG refrigerators that produces ice about 50% faster than normal. It does this by increasing the speed and duration of the fan that blows cold air into the icemaking unit. The feature automatically shuts off after 24 hours.

I’ve been using this feature off and on for the past two years, and I’m happy to report that it’s a game changer…under the right conditions.

Let me explain.

What Does “Ice Plus” Mode Do?

Under normal conditions, your refrigerator’s ice maker will fill the ice mold with water and then briefly run a fan to help start the freezing process.

What Ice Plus mode does is increase the speed of that fan and the amount of time that it stays on so that the ice will freeze more quickly. This trades a little bit of energy efficiency in exchange for faster ice.

But how much of a difference does it really make? Let’s take a look.

ModeTime to produce 6 cubesIce produced in 24 hours
Normal90 minutes100 cubes
Ice Plus45 minutes200 cubes

LG suggests that their refrigerators will normally produce 6 cubes every 90 minutes, or around 100 cubes every 24 hours. With Ice Plus mode, you’ll get 6 cubes about every 45 minutes, or around 200 cubes every 24 hours.

I would say that this estimate is very close to what I’ve personally experienced. A good rule of thumb is that Ice Plus will make ice twice as fast as you’re used to.

However, keep in mind that the Ice Plus mode is designed to automatically turn off after 24 hours. This auto-shutoff setting can’t be changed, so if you need faster ice production for several days in a row—for example, a family member is staying over for the weekend—you will need to activate Ice Plus each day you want it to run.

That’s a bit of a headache, but it does mean that you don’t have to worry about accidentally leaving it on and your refrigerator using more energy than necessary.

How To Use Ice Plus On LG Refrigerator

You can activate the Ice Plus mode by tapping the button that says “Ice Plus” once. When you do, you will hear a short chime and a snowflake icon will appear directly above the button you just pressed.

Keep in mind that you may need to tap the panel once to wake it up, then tap the Ice Plus button once to activate the feature. It will begin making ice immediately as long as your ice bin isn’t full and will run for 24 hours.

How To Use Ice Plus On LG Refrigerator

Does Ice Plus Use A Water Filter?

Ice Plus mode will use the refrigerator’s built-in water filter to make the ice, just like it does when operating normally. It doesn’t use or require a special filter.

Does Ice Plus Affect Craft Ice Too?

Ice Plus mode will only increase ice production in the main ice compartment. That said, the Craft Ice maker does have a separate feature that let’s you toggle between 3 craft ice balls per 24 hours or 6 ice balls per 24 hours.

The only difference between the two modes is that, when it’s on the 6 ice setting, the balls are slightly “cloudier” and may not be as clear. That doesn’t matter to me, so I tend to leave mine set to the 6 ball setting.

My Honest Review After 2+ Years

Does Ice Plus completely solve the problem of running out of ice when entertaining guests? Unfortunately, no, and I wouldn’t recommend basing your purchasing decision on this feature if you’re in the market for a new refrigerator.

But, that said, it is a very convenient feature to call upon when you need it. There are two situations in particular where it’s been a game changer:

  • Making extra ice ahead of a party or holiday. Simply empty the ice bin into a container, store it in the fridge, and turn on Ice Plus mode. It’ll refill the entire bin in about 3 hours instead of 6.
  • Recovering ice after using what’s in the bin. If you’ve run out of ice, rather than waiting an hour and a half for the next cube, you can simply turn on Ice Plus mode and get a full tray of ice in a little over half an hour.

I could see this mode being very useful to anyone who has a large family or who just entertains a lot, because it does make a big difference if you’re going through a lot of ice.

For the rest of us, it’s a “nice-to-have” but not necessarily a “must-have” feature.

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