How To Reset Arlo Pro 2 Camera (The SIMPLE Way)

how to reset arlo pro 2 camera

If you’re experiencing connection issues or just planning on selling your Arlo camera, it’s a good idea to reset it.

However, as with most Arlo devices, resetting your Pro 2 Camera will remove it from your account. So keep in mind that if you want to continue using the camera, you will need to set it up again.

You may also need to factory reset the Arlo base station if you are planning to sell your entire system.

Those points aside, this article will cover everything you need to know in order to reset your Arlo Pro 2 camera.

Let’s get to it!

How To Reset Arlo Pro 2 Camera

Locate the Sync button directly above the camera lens and press it down for 15 seconds. Once the blue LED begins to flash, release the Sync button and wait up to a minute for the camera to reset itself. You will then need to remove the camera from your Arlo account to complete the reset process.

This is the entire reset process in a nutshell. Now let’s break this down step-by-step to make sure that the camera gets reset safely and completely.

Step 1: Locate the Sync Button

The Sync button is located directly above the lens on the Alro Pro 2 Camera, as shown above.

If for some reason your camera looks different or you don’t see the Sync button, you likely have a newer version of the camera. You will need to unmount the camera and slide the camera out of the white shell to access the small round Sync button.

Step 2: Press the Sync button for 15 seconds

Press the Sync button down and hold it for 15 seconds. You will need to wait until you see the LED light start to blink, then release the button.

If for some reason nothing happens, wait a full minute and then try the steps above again. Holding the button down for too long may cause the reset process to be cancelled, so use a watch or count aloud to 15 to make sure you get the timing right.

Step 3: Wait for 1 minute

In most cases, it will take about 30 seconds to 1 minute for the camera to reset itself. I recommend waiting a full minute to make sure that the process has completed before moving on.

Step 4: Remove the Pro 2 camera from your account

It is important to complete this step in order to fully reset your camera. Resetting the camera but leaving it in your account can cause some issues, so it’s best to do this step right away.

To remove your Pro 2 camera from your account, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Arlo Secure app and tap on Settings.
  2. Tap on My Devices and select the Pro 2 camera you reset.
  3. Tap on Remove Device and confirm your choice.

That’s all there is to it! Your Pro 2 camera has now been fully reset to factory settings and removed from your account.

You can repeat this same process for any other Arlo security cameras that you may need to reset. To reset the base station itself, check out the other article I wrote breaking down those steps.

How To Set Arlo Pro 2 Camera Back Up

If you needed to reset your camera to resolve a connection issue or if it wasn’t showing up in your account or in HomeKit, you will need to set the camera back up now.

To add the Arlo Pro 2 back to your account, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Arlo Secure app and go to Devices.
  2. Tap on Add New Device and select camera.
  3. Select the Arlo camera model (eg: Pro 2).
  4. Finish set up by connecting the camera to your base station and WiFi network (using a 2.4Ghz band is recommended).

Now you’ve fully reset your Pro 2 camera and added it back to your account. You can test the camera out or just go about your day.

Final Words

Arlo makes security cameras that are designed to work both indoors and outdoors. That means that they are unlikely to suffer any damage from being left out in the elements, and the most likely issue you will encounter is a dropped connection.

If you’ve reset your Pro 2 camera and continue to experience issues with it, try checking that it’s connected to a 2.4Ghz WiFi signal. You can also move it to a different location to rule out signal strength issues.

Arlo also offers a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty against any defects. And you can receive additional support through live chat on their website and within the Arlo Secure app under Settings.

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